Overview or our topics

intermedio bietet Beratung in Transformationsprojekten mit Fokus auf Kommunikation und Teamentwicklung an , sowie interkulturelle Beratung im Auslandsgeschäft.


CAS Organization’s culture in Agile und Digital Times

Why culture? – Culture diagnosis – Culture development

A cooperation of intermedio with the IKF,  Lucerne

Program                     Invitation to Info-Event 05.02.2020

Change Management

We accompany your teams with state-of-the-art methods and tools, moderate your workshops and support your managers.

  • Meeting and workshop moderation
  • Moderation of large group events
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Team building & development

Cross-Cultural Trainings Europe, Asia, America

We carry out workshops and trainings and support projects to effectively interact with different cultures.

Stresskompetenz und Wellbeing

Stresspraevention Trainings intermedio

Program Gelassen und sicher im Stress