Many people nowadays are more or less forced to work from home. In April and May 2020, there were even more. While everyone wishes for the speedy return of freedom and the carefree everyday life, the home office has revealed significant advantages. CO2 emissions decreased by 17 percent between April and May; not even climate activists […]


After the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008 and based on several dubious business transactions, the reputation of the banking sector is still badly affected. In order to reduce the economic risk potential to a minimum in the future, the European and the US Financial Market Authorities have issued numerous new regulations specified in […]

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In the age of artificial intelligence, gene manipulation, and the dreams of vacations on other planets, tomorrow’s models of society are viewed partly with enthusiasm, partly with awe. At the same time, billions of people have the same mindsets and attitudes as millennia ago. The debate about sexual orientation and gender identity is such a […]

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The more people confirm, the more difficult it becomes for following people to not see the clauses or not believe the story. So commitment can escalate throughout such a dynamic. It becomes stronger and stronger. So gradually, the reality is shifted towards the narration of the two crooks. And the stronger the context, the more difficult it becomes for the individuals inside the context, to escape…