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What is contextual coaching?

What do I want? That’s the ultimate question in life. And then this one follows: How can I achieve it? Contextual coaching elicits the absolute clarity of your goals, so you are able to answer these questions.

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Contextual coaching makes your lives easy! It enables you to discover new ways of thinking that you can turn into practical action to achieve your desired goal. Common wisdom dissolves, so the way is paved for your success.

Contextual coaching is the most efficient coaching method available to us today. The sessions are brief, concise, focused and practical, and take place in a friendly and empathic atmosphere.

And suddenly everything is very simple …… (Prof. Dr. Warschawski).

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Contextual Coach Franziska Knechtenhofer intermedio

Franziska Knechtenhofer (pictured above) has spent three years studying the techniques of Contextual Coaching with Prof. Dr. Warschawski from Baltimore (USA). She successfully completed her studies with the diploma Contextual Coach. Since then, she has successfully assisted numerous individuals and teams on their way to achieving their goals.

Noureddine Yous also studied coaching with Prof. Dr. Warschawski before he graduated in communication and industrial psychology.

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