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More Effectiveness in Communication, Leadership and Teams

Your own insights® Discovery Profile

You can generate your profil through the Insights® Evaluator. Based on your input, we will generate your Insights® profile (chargeable). Please contact us.

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How Insights® Discovery works

Insights® Discovery is an easy-to-use four-color model that helps us better understand ourselves and others. Everyone carries the four color energies in them.

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The Video gives a summary

Insights® Discovery is a modular analytic tool of preference profiles that supports individuals, executives, and teams in their individual and collective development.

Multiple fields of application of Insights® Discovery

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Team Effectiveness thanks to Harmony

Insights® team effectiveness provides a team with the framework it needs to solve key issues.

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Leadership and Communication Style

Building on the Insights® model, we work with executives to optimize their personal leadership style.


Insights® Full Circle: 360° Feedback

As a leader, first fill out the Insights® Discovery online questionnaire. Then we initiate the 360 ° process.


Here are some examples of concrete settings in which we recommend the use of Insights Discovery®

  • Trainings focussing on communication and interaction with and between employees, with customers and colleagues
  • Training for conflict management
  • Trainings for negotiation
  • Trainings on self- and time management
  • Sales style analysis and expansion of sales skills
  • Improvement of customer and service orientation
  • Strengthen understanding and acceptance in the team and thus increase productivity
  • Personnel selection for positions in sales