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Start your journey with Insights® Discovery today – you will gain amazing insights!

How does Insights® Discovery work?

The Insights® Discovery introductory seminar enables you to gain self-awareness and understanding for others. You will learn the importance of individual preferences and behaviors in order to be able to build fruitful relationships. This requires the ability to adapt to the situation and empathy. How exactly it works is explained here.

Your benefits

  • You know your own strengths and weaknesses in everyday situations
  • You will be given solution options to optimize your interaction with others
  • You recognize the preferences of your interlocutors and you can successfully structure your communication
  • You develop strategies for a positive and sustainable effect in your environment
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  • The successive steps on the way to personal effectiveness: Introduction to the Insights® Discovery preference profile
  • Perception: dealing with the image of yourself and other
  • The 8 types of people according to the psychology of C. G. Jung and their color energies. Learn to recognize the type of person you are talking to
  • How in-depth knowledge of your own personality profile and that of your contact person optimizes the style of communication
  • Exercises for practical implementation

Content of the personal Insights® preference profile

The personal Insights® Discovery profile comprises an approx. 18-page report that is created on the basis of the responses from the online evaluator. This report therefore corresponds to the self-assessment and reflects personal preferences. The following aspects are described, among others:

  • Personal style
  • The profile, interaction with others and making decisions
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Values that individuals bring to their team
  • Obstacles to effective communication
  • Suggestions for further development
  • Insights® also has specific modules for managers, salespeople, etc.

A very helpful and exciting seminar – highly recommended!!

(Alexander Weiss, team leader, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund)


Theory sequences alternate with individual work and group exercises. Personal examination of your own Insights preference profile as well as the color distribution in the group and its importance for communication and collaboration.