Intercultural Consultancy, Coaching and Trainings

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Using professionell intercultural communication

That we are not all “programmed” in the same way is something that we do not only experience during welcoming rituals and small talk. Communication is fundamentally complex, more so in an intercultural setting. Misunderstandings, disappointed expectations and helplessness are frequent experienced in cross-border cooperation. As in any project, last but not least material losses have to be booked. Therefore, it is essential to prepare thoroughly for the interaction with people from other cultures.

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Cultural analysis in intercultural projects

A cultural analysis makes differences in the basic attitude and the communication style of the respective team members transparent. An open discussion in the team promotes integration and prevents potential conflicts. Based on the insights gained, line managers and project managers can use synergies from the different culture-based properties. A cultural analysis can also serve to identify the different motives of the stakeholders of a project and to act accordingly.

Leading intercultural, virtual teams

The leadership of intercultural, virtual teams is highly complex compared to local groups. The lack of face-to-face communication is in strong contrast to the everyday need for interaction. Promoting team identity and motivation require an increased sense of leadership in their role as a communicator, inspirer, and coach.

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Post Merger Integration: Clash of cultures

Worldwide, 1 of 2 mergers fail. This is mostly due to the underestimation of “cultural distance”. As two organizational cultures and two national cultures clash in international mergers of companies, executives need special skills. This means the ability to behave culturally adequately and effectively in an intercultural area.

Mergers and Acquisitions interkulturelle Beratung intermedio

The development of intercultural competence allows conflicts to be avoided within a multicultural organization while increasing productivity. For the individual (s), acquiring this ability means a big leap forward in personality development. The leader who achieves it has reached a higher level of leadership. He/she becomes a global leader. This is the subject of our trainings and intercultural consultancy.

Robin Williams in the movie “Dead Poets Society” said: “I stood upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way”. Imitate him.