Do's and don'ts in Japan

The exciting thing about intercultural relationships is that they often go beyond maximizing efficiency, merely functioning, or the rigid observance of rules. They concern human coexistence, which naturally requires careful consideration of the processes by which different cultures understand each other. For this reason, intercultural competence should be given sufficient space and independence in the present working world.

Eintauchen in die Omanische Kultur

The local culture stands in stark contrast to the frenetic European way of life. Our very liberal culture, where the pressure to perform, loneliness, the sheer abundance of choice, ever-present competition, constant advertising, the urge to take center-stage, with so many others pushing and shoving, squarely relegates fundamental values to the back seat. Arabic and Western cultures are two opposite poles, diametrically opposed world views and standards of behavior. Yet both claim to be the guardians