Between Guantanamera and Guantanamo


New cuban perspectives with an amazing background

25 hours of dialog with a cuban teacher and journalist

Juan-Ramon told us last February in Havana that, for the first time, Cuba had been invited to participate in the “Cumbre de los Americas”, the summit of the heads of state of the nations comprising the Americas, and that a Cuban and an American President would be sitting in the same room for the first time since 1959. His voice sounded hopeful.

Shifting the borders of our cross-cultural competency

With 25 h. of dialogues with Juan-Ramon (Feb. 2015)

Franziska and I have been there to explore the Cuban culture. Juan-Ramon is journalist, member of the proofreading committee of the Supreme Court of Havana and language teacher. As we are both able to conduct conversations in Spanish, we interviewed Juan-Ramon during a total of 25 hours. We wanted to know everything about the culture, the social life and the patterns of behavior of the Cuban society. After having filled up our books with an amazing volume of information, we visited the country and cities like Viñales, Soroa, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara. After our stay in Cuba we kept on researching on every aspect of the Cuban culture. Our experience results in feeling a very special relationship with this exciting country.

The price of freedom

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